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February 12, 2010

A quick note to inform everybody of the discount scheme.

Students have 10%
Gaming or Comic Society Members 12%
Running a game/Organising a tournament or event in store 15%


The Huzzah! heard around the Mondo.

January 25, 2010

One of my customers and good friend Ian Culbard (get his excellent adapation of A Study in Scarlet in store now) contributes to a round robin comic blog.

Called Huzzah! (each new artist announces his intention to do the next page by writing ‘Huzzah!’ in the comments of the current image) it has recently entered it’s second year, and second volume, sub-titled Vengeance of Voldar.

  • With creators including:
    geraint ford
    Rob Davis
    I. N. J. Culbard
    Colin Fawcett
    Simon Fraser
    Sean Longcroft
    Faz Choudhury
    PJ Holden.

    It’s a fun, pulpy blast of science fiction and great art and is very interesting to see how each person will twist the story in different directions and deal with any cliff-hangers that may have been presented.
    Start here to get reading Chapter 1 of Volume 1 – Prison Planet.


    A Mondo of Adventure

    January 18, 2010

    “No Dice RPG (www.nodicerpg.com) will be coming to Mondo Comico to demonstrate their products on 13th of February. No Dice is a completely new approach to role playing that uses a basic rules light approach. On top of their Vanilla system which arbitrates most “general” role play situations the system adds customised rules to impart a particular flavour to each gaming experience.

    So far the team have published two books their Core Rules and a collection of adventures. This summer will see the release of their first full system, Levercastle, which is a game of fairy tale magic aimed at a broad audience.”


    Around the Mondo in 80 Days

    January 3, 2010

    So here we are in 2010, according to Peter Hyams, ‘The Year We Made Contact’ (though I’m sure Jodie Foster made that some time ago).

    I have been open for almost 3 months and things seem to be going well.

    The Boardgames night on Tuesdays 5-10pm is popular with everything being played from Saboteur to Battlestar Galatica, Dominion to Le Havre. On the 30th December we had an all day event from 10am -10pm and hope to have more gaming events lined up soon.

    Wednesday night Magic (6.30-10pm) continues to be strong, ably ran by Dave Sissons who’s been running events for many years now.

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays often have an RPG group or two in, and with 2 rooms, 8 tables and over 35 chairs plenty of room for more.

    As is traditional this time of year I present my best of list but am limiting to the last 3 months of the year to cover things that have come out since I’ve opened.

    Best New RPG
    Fantasy Flight had a fairly strong showing with Rogue Trader, a more accessible and immediate take on the 40K universe than their previous release. But their new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with it’s lush design and interesting mechanics takes the prize.

    Best RPG Supplement
    Pathfinder Bestiary. A great resource for those playing 3.5. Well put together and incredibly pretty.

    Best New Miniatures
    Well D and D Savage Encounters had a Zombie Hulk but Heroclix Hammer of Thor had not only The Runaways but also The Agents of Atlas. Heroclix wins.

    Best New Boardgame
    Chaos in the Old World is a fun take on the chaotic powers of Warhammer, well balanced and as ever with Fantasy Flight, good looking.

    Best New Comic
    Stumptown had a strong opening issue with a good sense of location and tone. Honourable mention to SWORD a massively fun, fast paced first issue and an appearance from Death’s Head.

    Best Collection
    Powers Hardcover Vol. 3. Great read, viscious and funny and packed with the usual Bendis and Oeming extras. Honourable mention to The Rocketeer Hardcover.

    Best Original Graphic
    Goon: Chinatown softcover. Awesome work from Eric Powell. Honourable mention to PTA Night.

    Really I could mention so much more. Even in the 3 months I’ve been open there’s has been so much great stuff out there, every week something new and exciting.
    One of the many reasons I love this job.


    The Mondo is not enough.

    December 16, 2009

    Mondo Comico is more than just a shop.
    Sure I sell the latest comics, ccgs, boardgames, rpgs aswell as a growing selection of classic products and will happily order you anything I can get, but most of all my aim is to set up a sense of community.

    To this end I have late night openings for people to use my many tables in store, for boardgames, card tournaments, Dungeons and Dragons and more. At no cost.

    Every Tuesday from 5/6pm we have our boardgame night with the members of FANG, a great local gaming group. This week the excellent games designer and all round good chap Alessio Cavatore came in store to demo his game Shuuro

    On Wednesdays from 6.30 we have Magic the Gathering tournaments.
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons also often have groups rolepaying.

    Tables are usually open during the day so if you and some friends need a place to play come along and ask to use one of them.

    Mondo Comico: Bringing you a world of comic and gaming entertainment


    A Mondo of Thanks to everyone

    December 1, 2009

    The Opening event went very well, lots of people turned up and much fun was had.

    There was some confusion as to why my Grand Opening was a month and a half after I had actually opened but the time allowed me to get the word out to people and to be filling the shelves up with stock whilst taking in some money.

    A short list of people to thank:

    My parents, Mondo Comico would not be here without their help.
    The Ians Edginton and Culbard, two people I am a big fan of. The first Graphic Novel I sold in the store was their Hound of the Baskervilles adaptation so it was great to have them be guests for my opening.
    Dave Sissons and Tom from Wizards of the Coast, kept the Magic players happy and showed off the sort of things my shop is doing (weekly Magic tournaments are run here by Dave from 6.30pm on wednesdays).
    The Derby Quad film Quiz regulars who came over to support and played some games on one of my many tables I have in store for people to use free of charge.
    The FANG people who did likewise (weekly meetings here from 5.00pm on Tuesdays, bring along a boardgame or join in with the vast selection here).
    Amy, who helped set me up on the web

    And of course everybody who came along to say Hello.


    Coming Soon

    November 2, 2009

                                               Website for mondo comico coming soon